Inside the Mind of a Non-Hunter

 I didn’t grow up in a hunting family. My exposure to the activity and those who took part in it was practically nonexistent, save for Elmer Fudd and the shadowy figures in “Bambi.” It’s no wonder I concluded at a young age that all hunters were dumb or menacing men who got their kicks from choking fuzzy bunnies. I had a lot to Learn.

via A. Willis Robertson, 1936

I feel that the high tension at which the average man has beenliving is wrecking entirely too many nervous systems. Hunting and fishing is the best nerve tonic I know, and I believe that a greater opportunity for the average citizen to engage in this type of outdoor recreation would greatly promote both the Health and Happiness of our people.

A Conservation Powerhouse

America's hunters are in many ways one of our nation’s most powerful Conservation forces. Our 13.7 million hunters invest hundreds of millions of dollars every year in wildlife conservation and management. Much of this comes from hunting license sales, a primary funding source for most state fish and wildlife agencies.

State Wildlife Agencies

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With folks constantly on the go and needing information readily available at their fingertips, The Council has put together a round up mobile apps for your iPhone or iPad or Android device.

From outdoor survival apps to animal calls to the NWTF's Turkey Hunting Toolbox, these apps will help you streamline your next outing and put your hunt information at the press of a button.

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